‘The Left’s War on Civil Society’

Posted on November 26th, 2014
Obama and Aides

By Thomas Lifson

The violence unleashed in Ferguson, Missouri and Oakland, California Tuesday night was well-planned – as far from a spontaneous reaction as could be imagined.

The ultimate result in Ferguson is predictable.  Stores looted and burned mostly will not reopen, and store employees will lose their jobs.  The owners, many of them small businessmen and businesswomen, will lose the work of a lifetime.  And what will follow will be complaints about “food deserts” and Read More »

Your “Children Will Be Fined” If You Fail To Sign Up For Obamacare: People Are Going To Be In for a Shock

Posted on November 26th, 2014
Obama with Children

By Max Slavo

Free and affordable health care just gets better and better.

In 2015 the government will be activating some new “incentives” embedded in the Affordable Care Act in an effort to get more people to sign up.

But, as is often the case when the government says one thing, they mean exactly the opposite. In this case, when they say incentive what they really mean is that you are going to be penalized if you fail to acquire Read More »

After Making It to the Top, Billionaire Steyer Wants to Make Life Tougher for Americans

Posted on November 26th, 2014

STEYER’S STYLER: He’s worth more than a billion dollars, so he’s probably not concerned with higher energy costs.

By Dustin Hurst

Sitting in a cavernous Mercedes-Benz Superdome in front of green builders and central planners, billionaire and climate crusader Tom Steyer denounced the pursuit of wealth once people have enough of it.

Easy enough for him to say.

Steyer, sandwiched between Maryland Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley and author Paul Hawken at a recent 2014 Greenbuild conference in New Orleans, told Read More »

More Informative Links for November 26, 2014

Posted on November 26th, 2014

Obama’s Split-Screen Appeal May Endure Beyond Barack Obama’s Tenure – National Journal  … It will be an image that may endure beyond Barack Obama’s tenure: The president calling for calm on one side of the TV screen; the scene in Ferguson, Mo. escalating with sirens, smoke, flash grenades, and furious residents on the other. Even as the president spoke, it felt as if the situation on the ground in Ferguson was beginning to spiral. And viewers could be forgiven for becoming transfixed by the pictures and tuning out Obama’s calls for calm.”

But in truth, there was little that Obama, or anyone in his position, could do. The tension had been building for days—and few on the streets were paying any attention to the president. Just minutes after he spoke, there were unconfirmed reports of tear gas being used, of police cars being turned over and burned. That was followed by looting. Obama had tried to strike a hopeful, encouraging chord, but it felt almost too optimistic—and was all but drowned out by the din.”

New Deception Questions: Obamacare Adviser Warned of Premium Increases as Obama Vowed Savings – Washington Times  …  “While President Obama campaigned on a promise that his universal health care plans would lower premiums, his controversial adviser and plan architect was privately warning the state of Wisconsin that Obamacare was poised to massively increase insurance costs for average residents, internal documents show. Mr. Gruber’s study predicted about 90 percent of individuals without employer-sponsored or public insurance would see their premiums spike by an average of 41 percent. Once tax subsidies were factored in, about 60 percent of those in the individual market were projected to see their premiums go up 31 percent, according to his analysis.”

The contrast between the Obama administration’s optimistic rhetoric on Obamacare and Mr. Gruber’s private warnings to Wisconsin is certain to attract new attention from the Republican-led Congress, which wants to know whether there was an effort by the administration to deceive the public about the true consequences of the law as Mr. Gruber suggested in a videotape that surfaced recently.”

Informative Links for November 26, 2014

Posted on November 26th, 2014

Illegal Immigrants Could Receive Social Security, Medicare under Obama Action – Washington Post  …  “Under President Obama’s new program to protect millions of illegal immigrants from deportation, many of those affected will be eligible to receive Social Security, Medicare and a wide array of other federal benefits, a White House official said Tuesday. For those who work, that includes payroll taxes, also known as FICA taxes, because they are collected under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act.”

Federal law says that people who pay the taxes and are deemed ‘lawfully present in the United States’ can collect benefits under those programs when they become eligible. They may also receive survivor and disability benefits. ‘If they pay in, they can draw,’ White House spokesman Shawn Turner said by e-mail. Turner noted, however, that the estimated 5 million immigrants granted protection from deportation will not be eligible for other federal benefits such as student financial aid, food stamps or housing subsidies.”

COMMENT: Even though Obama suggested that these benefits would not be extended to immigrants, like Obamacare, you just knew that wouldn’t be true. My guess is that eventually all immigrants will be given access to all the other government services and benefits of U.S. citizens eventually, especially since President Obama still says that will not be the case!

Iran Extension Prompts Calls for More Sanctions in U.S. Congress – Reuters  …   “Several U.S. Republican lawmakers insisted on Monday that the extension of nuclear talks with Iran be accompanied by increased sanctions, setting the stage for a battle with the Obama administration after their party takes full control of Congress next year. Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte, three of the party’s leading foreign policy voices, said they view Iran’s insistence on having any enrichment capability at all as problematic and warned that a ‘bad deal’ would lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.”

“John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, said an extension only allows the administration to make more concessions to Iran….. ‘Obama has insisted that more sanctions imposed by Washington would antagonize Iran, anger other countries now supporting international sanctions and collapse the negotiations.’”

Time for Congress to Declare War on Obama

Posted on November 25th, 2014
Obama welcome mat immigration by Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Clearly, a MUST READ about our Commander of Illegal Immigrant Forces!

By Jeannie DeAngelis

Article I, Section 8, Clause II of the U.S. Constitution states the following: “The Congress shall have Power to …declare war.” Currently, America is at war — not only with the ISIS types, but also with a president whose flagrant actions against our nation’s interests indicate that he is, in essence, at war with us.

Historically, when it comes to declaring war, Read More »

U.S. Citizenship for Sale? Shameless Degrading of US Citizenship Continues

Posted on November 25th, 2014
WAIMH Red Arrow

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Another maneuver by President Obama to allow foreigners (potential democratic voters) the ability to receive, in this case, U.S. citizenship and all the attendant benefits, such as Social security, welfare, etc. Simply, a continuation of Obama’s wealth redistribution scheme for the rest of the world, in order to make us all “equal”, and to help ‘pay” for some of America’s past ‘transgressions’. I should mention that this scheme has not yet been noticed Read More »

Hagel Didn’t Get It: Planning to Have a Plan to Ensure Military Readiness Doesn’t Cut It

Posted on November 25th, 2014
Cuts for Pentagon

EDITOR’S COMMENT: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announce his resignation earlier today. In reality, he didn’t really resign, as much as he was pushed out by President Obama. Hagel really became the “scapegoat’ for many of Obama’s lackluster military policies. In my opinion, he was removed mainly because he resisted President Obama’s efforts to continue to weaken our military, and had recently subtly criticized the President’s lack of strategy.

By James Carafano

At the annual Defense Forum at Read More »

More Informative Links for November 25, 2014

Posted on November 25th, 2014

Ferguson Legal Fight Extends Beyond Grand Jury – Wall Street Journal  …   “A grand jury’s decision to reject charges against a white officer in the shooting death of a black teenager in Missouri likely won’t be the last word from the courts on the tragic events of Aug. 9. For starters, the Justice Department is conducting its own criminal investigation to see if federal civil-rights laws were violated by Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of 18-year old Michael Brown after an altercation between the two, an incident that sparked waves of protests and a national outcry. While the known facts of the case suggest it would be difficult to bring such charges against the officer, that review is likely to take weeks or months more, according to people familiar with the work.”

Separately, the Justice Department has opened a civil investigation aimed at the entire police force in Ferguson, a St. Louis suburb. Legal experts said Mr. Brown’s family also could choose to sue. As a civil claim, the Brown family wouldn’t have to prove its case ‘beyond a reasonable doubt,’ the standard of proof used in criminal cases. Rather, the family would have to show that Mr. Wilson more likely than not violated Mr. Brown’s rights.”

White House Quietly Releases Plans For 3,415 Regulations Ahead of Thanksgiving Holiday – Daily Caller  …  “While Americans are focused on what delicious foods they’re going to eat for Thanksgiving, the White House is focused on releasing its massive regulatory agenda — marking the fifth time the Obama administration has released its regulatory road map on the eve of a major holiday. ‘But the White House may have a good reason to do so because its Unified Agenda for fall 2014 includes some 3,415 regulations– more than the last regulatory agenda, and one that includes 189 rules that cost more than $100 million.’”

One of the most contentious rules is the Environmental Protection Agency rules to limit greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing power plants. According to the agenda, these rules will be finalized in 2015.”

But probably the most fought-over rules to be finalized by the EPA next year will be its redefining of the ‘Waters of the United States’ under the Clean Water Act. The EPA will issue its redefinition next year, according to the agenda.  Federal lawmakers from both parties, along with companies from virtually every sector of the economy, have opposed the rule, saying it greatly expands the EPA’s power to regulate even small bodies of water on private property. The ‘waters of the U.S.’ rule may be one of the most significant private property grabs in U.S. history.’”

Informative Links for November 25, 2014

Posted on November 25th, 2014

How Do You Spell Scapegoat? H-A-G-E-L – Weekly Standard  …  “So Chuck Hagel has been fired as defense secretary. We were critical of his appointment, and opposed his confirmation by the Senate. But let’s be clear: Hagel has done what he was asked and what was expected of him at the Pentagon. To the degree he has deviated from the Obama White House line, he’s been more right than wrong.”

So why has he been fired? Because the Obama White House needs a scapegoat. President Obama continues to want a Pentagon with weak leadership and little independence. There’s therefore no reason to expect the next two years of Obama foreign and defense policy to be any better than the past two.”

Obama Admin Admits It Inflated Obamacare Numbers by 1.3 Million. Obamacare Sign-Ups Were Outright Fabricated To Make You Think It Was Successful – Breitbart  …  “President Barack Obama’s much-touted 8 million Obamacare enrollment number was inflated by 1.3 million, the Obama administration now admits. ‘The mistake we made is unacceptable,’ tweeted Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell. ‘I will be communicating that clearly throughout the department.’”

Burwell conceded Americans may remain ‘skeptical’ about the Obama administration’s numbers but said she hopes ‘our clarity that this is a mistake and the fact that we have quickly corrected the numbers should give people confidence.’ Admission of the 1.3 million Obamacare ‘mistake’ comes on the heels of newly uncovered videos of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber admitting the Obama administration actively misled voters about the president’s healthcare overhaul.”

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