The Obama Administration Suddenly Looks Like a House of Cards

Article posted on June 8th, 2012 by Jack Kneafsey

Obama Flexibility After Election by Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle

By Jack Kneafsey

Peggy Noonan writes weekly for the Wall Street Journal Editorial page, and almost all of her comments are very informative. And, quite often, her editorial is especially thoughtful and timely. This week’s version is one of her best recently, as it focuses on literally what has changed after Scott Walker’s recall election victory in Wisconsin, as well as the numerous self-inflicted missteps and politically-oriented non-truths of this Obama administration.

Some of her insightful comments have lasting interest:

Governors and local leaders will now have help in controlling budgets. Down the road there will be fewer contracts in which you work for, say, 23 years for a city, then retire with full salary and free health care for the rest of your life—paid for by taxpayers who cannot afford such plans for themselves, and who sometimes have no pension at all. The big meaning of Wisconsin is that a public injustice is in the process of being righted because a public mood is changing.

And, her take on Obama and his administration:

… President Obama’s problem now isn’t what Wisconsin did, it’s how he looks each day—careening around, always in flight, a superfluous figure. No one even looks to him for leadership now. He doesn’t go to Wisconsin, where the fight is. He goes to Sarah Jessica Parker’s place, where the money is.

… Any president will, in a presidential election year, be political. But there is a startling sense with Mr. Obama that that’s all he is now, that he and his people are all politics, all the time, undeviatingly, on every issue. He isn’t even trying to lead, he’s just trying to win.

Most ominously, there are the national-security leaks that are becoming a national scandal—the “avalanche of leaks,” according to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, that are somehow and for some reason coming out of the administration.

This isn’t the usual—this is something different. A special counsel may be appointed.

And where is the president in all this? On his way to Anna Wintour’s house. He’s busy. He’s running for president.   (my emphasis) 

I encourage you to read all of her most recent commentary from the Wall Street Journal here.

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