Congress Needs To Step Up

Article posted on July 3rd, 2014 by WhatAmIMissingHere

The Reason We Have A ConstitutionBy Monte Pelerin

As regular readers of this site or readers of my book Flimflam Man know, I have little regard for Barack Obama or anything that he stands for. Both this site and the book suggest he is open to impeachment. All that stands in the way is a corrupt Congress, unwilling to jeopardize their comfort in the government trough, living and stealing at the expense of productive tax-paying Americans.

The Supreme Court came down hard on this fakir last week. For the sake of the nation, Congress should follow through and bring charges against the most illegal and immoral President of my lifetime. Yes, I lived through the Richard Nixon years. In comparison, Nixon was a saint.

As I pointed out in my book, all of this could have been predicted before Obama was elected. David Solway, in his argument for impeachment, makes the same case:

Much has been and continues to be written about what is probably the most mendacious administration in American political history. The fact that so many of Obama’s vital records are sealed or problematic should have raised alarm bells and disqualified his candidacy in the years before he assumed office — or at least have alerted a sentient electorate to the ethical and political travesty his presidency would become. Many are now experiencing buyer’s remorse, spasms of retrocognition, but the slightest degree of early attention to Obama’s defective résumé would have avoided such metaleptic regret or rueful hindsight. So insidious a burlesque as his presidency would become should have been obvious to any serious voter. When one follows the trajectory of Obama’s career, one knows that one is dealing with a man who is a liar from the egg, a man for whom suppressing the truth or lying outright is the daily fare of his existence — indeed, tracking the president’s innumerable lies has become something of an Internet sport.

It is past time for Republicans to show some courage and for Democrats to show some integrity. This nation is going down rapidly and will continue to do so unless both parties honor their oath to the Constitution.    (my emphasis)

By Monte Pelerin for Economic Noise

By permission Monte Pelerin

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