Free Trade Bill Is a Sham

Article posted on May 26th, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

Free trade billBy Monty Pelerin

The Free Trade bill is a sham. Virtually every title that Washington puts on a bill, any bill, is deceptive and designed to make it more palatable to voters. So-called “free trade” bills are notoriously deceptive. There has never been a true one and this one is merely another in a long line of shams.

How do you know? A reasonable question because only a handful of people have been allowed to see the bill and I was not one of them. There are two reasons I feel confident in my assessment. First, decades of mislabeling routinely occurs with Washington legislation. Political leopards don’t  change their spots.

Freetrade Agreements

The second and more important reason is an understanding what free trade means. This bill, as has been the case with all other claimed free trade bills, is too long. The bill is reported to be 800 to 1,000 pages in length. Hundreds or thousands of pages are not necessary for a free trade bill. Hundreds or thousands of words are not necessary

. A free trade bill could be written in one sentence: All goods and services shall enter this country without tariff or other penalties.” That’s it! Period. Finis. Some may object that nothing is mentioned regarding other countries and their obligations. Regardless of what other countries choose to do, it is in our interest to have free trade, even if it is unilateral. For those who feel otherwise, add a few words: “All goods and services shall cross national borders without tariff or other penalties.” Done! And that is the entire bill! A dozen or so words.

Whatever might be in the 800 plus pages is not free trade. It is filled with exemptions, protections and favors. That is protectionism and cronyism, not free trade.

Like ObamaCare and the Iran nuclear treaty, this bill is filled with stench. That is why it must be passed before you see what is in it.     (my emphasis)

By Monty Pelerin for Economic Noise

By permission Monty Pelerin

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