Observations on Government

Article posted on May 28th, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

I'm from The Government, I'm Here to HelpBy Monty Pelerin

Government is often not what it seems. These observations on government provide a less flattering, but more realistic, view of government than its supporters prefer.

Observations on Government

Prosperity: Government cannot create prosperity, but it can destroy it.

Keynesianism: A false body of economic thought that government supports. It is the source of government power and growth. It is the source of economists’ income and prestige. It is the very foundation supporting the myth of government. Regardless of how much economic harm is inflicted by its application, it always grows government.

Education: Just as Catholic schools do not promote the Jewish or Islamic religions, government schools do not promote free markets.

Big Government Thomas Jefferson

Adverse Outcomes: “Unintended consequences” is the euphemism for failure. Virtually every government program has been plagued by unintended consequences. Dumb laws and programs produce adverse results.

Social Justice: When you hear the phrase “social justice,” grab your wallet and run! It is the great pretense that supports redistribution (which does little in terms of justice but much in enabling politicians to retain office).

Obama: Barack Obama is a second-rate actor who plays a third-rate president. Prior to assuming the Presidency, Barack Obama never ran anything except his mouth. Since his election, nothing has changed.

Big Government Problems

Political Slavery: The Democrat Party now exists and survives for one simple reason — making dependency more attractive. It has become the party of plunder, taking from the productive and giving to the unproductive. This attempt to buy enough votes to remain relevant costs more than the disincentives imposed on the productive. It consigns families and their off-spring to the modern-day equivalent of slavery. Motivation is destroyed and poverty, save the government handouts, is ensured.

Size of Government: To be stupid, government need not be big. But big virtually guarantees stupidity and in gigantic doses.

Politicians: Politicians view the public in simple terms — wallets to be picked and votes to be mined.

Politics: Politics is slavery by increment

Limited Government: a euphemism for limited tyranny.

Understanding Government: If you want to understand what is happening with your government, read Animal Farm

Enemies: If there were a sports competition between the Republicans and ISIS, Obama and his supporters would root for ISIS.

Priorities: When re-election becomes more important than upholding the Constitution the country cannot survive. This misplacement of priorities has doomed the nation.   (my emphasis)

Liberty: Liberty does not require democracy. Democracy is usually the worst enemy of liberty.

By Monty Pelerin for Economic Noise

By permission Monty Pelerin



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