FEATURED ARTICLE: The Horse and The Horse’s Ass

Article posted on June 16th, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

American Pharoah race horseEDITOR’S COMMENT: MUST READ!! The author’s not-so-subtle comparisons and contrasts between American Pharoah and President Obama are worth grasping.

By Monty Pelerin

Last week American Pharoah (he of the misspelled name) provided the American public some much needed excitement when he won the Belmont. He reminded us of what we have been missing for nearly a decade — success, achievement and the drive to be the best. American Pharoah provided the ultimate contrast between a horse and a horse’s ass.

The reaction to this horse winning the Triple Crown was surprising. It has been almost four decades since there has been a Triple Crown winner. But this is an animal not another human being. Horses are not athletes in the sense that humans are. Nevertheless, fans are so far removed from professional athletes these days that identification with a horse is not too dissimilar. The rising roar when it became obvious that this horse would win the Triple Crown was overwhelming and inspiring. Joy for even those who bet against the outcome seemed universal.

What is it that triggered such a response? It likely had little to do with horse racing. The response greatly exceeded the small portion of the country that follows racing. I believe the outpouring of respect for what this horse did was a reflection of the frustrations in America. This country was built on motivation, achievement and greatness, qualities missing for a number of years. We are told that those aspects of America no longer exist. People have been bombarded with the notion that the American Dream is over and how that is good because it never was “fair” anyway. Both parts of that last sentence are erroneous. The first part might be true but only if we allow it to happen.

American Pharoah’s greatest achievement was not winning the Triple Crown. It was in reminding us what success feels like again. Despite what we are told by most of our media and politicians, America is starved for success and greatness. American Pharoah demonstrated both of these missing qualities. The horse did what the Horse’s Ass tried to convince us could no longer be.

The Horse’s Ass is indirectly responsible for the unusual adulation bestowed on this horse. His reign in the White House has seen virtually all of the country, save the politically connected, decline in well-being and hope. The hope and change slogan upon which the Horse’s Ass based his campaign produced less hope and much unwanted change. In a very real sense, the horse showed us that the Horse’s Ass vision of the world does not have to be.

A simple race horse reminded us of the drive for excellence that our elected horse’s ass has done his best to extinguish. American Pharoah, doing what he was born to do, showed more competence, ability and perseverance than most of our politicians. Perhaps this one simple event will be seen as a turning point where Americans rise up and say “No Mas!”

A real horse could not be a worse president than the wrong end of a horse that sits in the White House today.     (my emphasis)

By Monty Pelerin for Economic Noise

By permission Monty Pelerin



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