ISIS Is Not Just Iraq’s Problem. It’s Obama’s.

Article posted on June 17th, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

ISIS is promoted to varsity from # 164995By Kristin Roberts

The president doesn’t have a ‘finalized’ ISIS strategy because he’s waiting on commitments from Baghdad? This challenge is so much greater than that.

Iraq’s army is a pathetic mess. Everyone inside the Pentagon knows this. The White House does too. And setting aside an official protest by Baghdad, the Iraqi government is so aware it’s trembling.

But that’s not why ISIS is winning. And to be clear, ISIS is winning.

The terrorist group too extreme for al-Qaida now controls 50 percent of Syria and an increasing share of Iraq. It’s conducting suicide attacks in Saudi Arabia and inspiring rocket launches from Gaza into Israel. All this, ISIS has accomplished in one year. Despite more than 3,800 airstrikes against it.

On Monday, when asked about a U.S. strategy in the face of this frightening advance, President Obama said the United States is studying how it can help recruit more Iraqis to fight and get Iraqi soldiers better ready for war. “Where we’ve trained Iraqi forces directly and equipped them and we have a train-and-assist posture, they operate effectively,” Obama contends. “Where we haven’t—morale, lack of equipment, etc.—may undermine the effectiveness of Iraqi security forces.”

According to Obama, arresting ISIS is an Iraqi responsibility.

This is dishonest. That he takes this position, however, is understandable. The man ushered into office in part on a promise to get America out of Iraq (and Afghanistan) does not want to be the man who did that only to watch that state fail and then go back in. Add to this the polling: While the public wants a U.S. campaign against ISIS, it remains divided over the use of ground troops.

It’s about ISIS, a lethal, strategically smart, and tactically effective adversary whose intentions are not contained by Iraq’s borders.     (my emphasis)

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