Hillary Clinton: ‘I’ve Been Called Many Things….’

Article posted on June 17th, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

Run Hillary RunBy Newsmachete

In an inspiring speech yesterday, Hillary Clinton remarked (in a white voice, this time), ” I’ve been called many things by many people.” Since Mrs. Clinton brought up the subject, I thought we’d review some of the things she’s been called.”

1) A hypocrite. Mrs. Clinton constantly talks about reducing the gap between the rich and the poor, while she and her husband rake in tens of millions of dollars for speeches and hundreds of millions for their Foundation, which seems to collect a lot of money but seems to have trouble spending very much of it on, you know, actual poor people.

2) Insensitive to women and girls. Mrs. Clinton has stood by while her husband had an adulterous affair with a White House intern, was accused of abusing a second woman, and was accused of raping antoher.

3) Old. Mrs. Clinton portrays herself as the candidate of change, but she will be 72 years old at the end of her first term.

4) Liar. Mrs. Clinton has lied repeatedly, about scandals ranging from the Rose Law Firm records to Whitewater to her claim that Monica Lewinsky scandal was a “right wing conspiracy.” Most recently she claimed she used a private email to keep all her emails on one device, when we since learned that she has more than one device for email.

5) A flipflopper. We hadn’t heard from Mrs. Clinton about amnesty or gay marriage until Obama came out in favor of them. Now Mrs. Clinton is fully in favor of both these things, even though her husband signed the Defense of Marriage Act.

6) Incompetent. Our Ambassador to Libya was killed while Mrs. Clinton was negligent both in making sure our embassy had enough security and her inaction during the night of the crisis.

7) A tool of foreign powers. As Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton approved a deal to let the Russians buy a large share of American uranium mines, after receiving a large donation to her charity.

8) Worse than useless. Iran continued to enrich uranium, Russia invaded Ukraine,and the Middle East fell apart on Mrs. Clinton’s watch.

9) Untrustworthy. Poll after poll indicates the majority of Americans consider her dishonest.

10) Inauthentic. Hillary tries to portray herself as a common person. Just look at the following photos of her, where she portrays herself as a regular woman having a drink with the fellows.

Hillary Clinton Drinking

In this photo it looks like her eyes are going to burst!

Hillary Clinton Having a Beer

I’m glad Mrs. Clinton has reminded us that she has many names. We look forward to hearing more of them on the campaign trail and in the comment section.    (my emphasis)

By Newsmachete for American Thinker

By permission American Thinker



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