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Article posted on July 7th, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

Albert Einstein, quote, difference between stupidity and geniusBy Monty Pelerin and Donald R. Schuman, Jr.

The deterioration of American politics is discussed in this guest post by Donald Schuman. He entitled it Amusing Musings. Sadly, there is nothing amusing about what is happening and where it goes.

The stupification (word?) of voters, the lack of individual responsibility and the corruption of the media are coming together to destroy what used to be the most respected and admired country in the world. With the media and school systems paving the Orwellian road, most of the current generation has been lost. It is difficult to see how this ignorance can be reversed and how our spiral toward irrelevancy can be reversed.

Here is Mr. Schuman’s take:

Amusing Musings: Who’s Next?

Donald R. Schuman, Jr

When the Beatles hit our shores over 50 years ago, they were not a sensation because they were British. They were a sensation because of their talent. They paved the way for a generation of rock n’ roll groups that would follow in their footsteps. If one is truly to be a pioneer, a trail blazer if you will, that person can only succeed with an abundance of talent. When Branch Rickey decided to sign Jackie Robinson to a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers, he was signing an extremely talented baseball player who happened to be black. Obviously, he knew that breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball was important, which was why he picked the most qualified person for that most important task. That is the only way a pioneer can succeed. Spectators do not flock to Tiger Woods because of his color; we are mesmerized by his talent. Talent is color blind.

In 2008, President Obama became the darling of the liberal media because he represented the possibility of becoming the first black president. Unfortunately for him, as well as the country, he did not become a media darling because of his talent to lead and govern. He had no real qualifications, unless one counts the ability to read a teleprompter loaded with symbolic promises. He had limited time in government, which would have been fine, if he possessed some private sector success. This is truly a shame. The first black president should have been someone of whom we could be proud, long after his inaugural address. It was not to be. Unlike Jackie Robinson, President Obama made the team based more on hype and less on talent.

Our press has become fraudulent. They built up Barack Obama into something he could never be. Like in the movie, “The Harder They Fall”, a boxer unbeknownst to him, wins a string of fixed fights, building up his reputation, until, like Obama, he gets to the championship fight and has no chance. President Obama in many ways is that fighter with the press fixing his fights. I hope they are happy. By putting their liberal beliefs ahead of investigative journalism, the country has suffered badly. It didn’t have to be this way, but in a way it did. After all, the “fix” was in.

Our country is in deep trouble on just about every front. Our allies do not like, trust or respect us. Our enemies do not fear us. Our foreign policy has been one of hope and amateurism. President Obama sees the world as he would like it to be; not as it really is. To say he is over matched on the world stage would be a gross understatement. The punches are coming at him too fast and too hard. His corner, consisting of people like Valerie Jarrett, is without answers. He knows how to train, but has no concept of what to do when he enters the ring. He is all campaign, no govern.

He has put politics ahead of country at every turn. From his trillion dollar non-stimulus when he first entered office, to the delay of the Keystone Pipeline. He has sliced, diced and chopped us into more individual parts that any president before him. We are divided along gender, race, income and ideological lines like never before. The community organizer has become the presidential divider. He looks at the country as classes that he can pit against each other as a way of him garnering power. His presidency has been a disaster. The economy is still in shambles and he and Nancy Pelosi have ruined our health care system. He has lied so often to the American public that we have come to expect it. Much like the Clinton era, there have been so many scandals that we are suffering scandal fatigue. Fast and Furious, NSA, IRS and the Benghazi scandals have all taken their toll on America’s psyche.

Unlike any other country, our values are steeped in meritocracy. We do not have succession to a throne nor is our lot in life predetermined by birthright. Are some born with more advantages than others? Of course. However, we strive arduously for a level playing field with equal opportunity for all. I hope each state will see fit to abolish legacy admissions to college as soon as possible. Then, with the addition of as many charter schools as are needed, we will come a long way in educating those who are now lacking. This is paramount.

In less than two years, the country will be faced with the same dilemma. The press has already proclaimed Hillary Clinton as the next president. Why? Certainly not because of any qualifications. It seems that her only qualification is that she was/kind-of is married to a former president. She accomplished nothing as a carpet bagging Senator and even less as the Secretary of State. The best thing that can be said about her Senatorial term is that four government officials were not gunned down by terrorists in a foreign land. That came later. But, then again, at this point in time “what difference does it make?” The adoring liberal main stream press will applaud her, not because of her accomplishments, but because of her gender. Identity politics will doom us if we succumb. The first woman president is a great story and rightfully so. However, the first Madam President should be one that in generations from now, we can look back upon with great respect as a true leader and patriot.

We should be a nation where the best qualified person is elected regardless of gender, race, religion or anything else. No one should be elected for the mere sake of making history. As we all know, not all history reflects kindly.    (my emphasis)

By Monty Pelerin and Donald R. Schuman, Jr. for Economic Noise

By permission Monty Pelerin

A self-professed “political junkie”, Donald R. Schuman, Jr. has been writing his Amusing Musings column for the past nine years. Donald has held a myriad of positions in the wholesale wine industry in New York City over the past two decades. He is presently a wine consultant to highly regarded wine bars and restaurants in Manhattan.

Donald is also a former member of the Professional Golfers Association of America. His hobbies include reading hard cover books, listening to music on his reel to reel tape players, fly fishing and of course, that occasional glass of wine.

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