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IMF May Commit Billions of US Tax Dollars to Greece

By Thomas Lifson

The US government and media have treated Greece as a problem for the European Union, with nothing to do with us — or our tax dollars. That may be ending. As a friend pointed out to me, one of the 3 possible future lenders to Greece is the IMF. The IMF gets a big chunk of money from the US taxpayer: 17.68% [1] of its funds.

That no one in Congress (and none of the Republican candidates for President) has spoken up to protect the US taxpayers’ money is very disappointing. Unelected bureaucrats at the IMF are prepared to give Greece billions more dollars of our money and not a peep from our government or media.   (my emphasis)

By Thomas Lifson for American Thinker

By permission American Thinker

www.americanthinker.com [2]

http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/07/imf_may_commit_billions_of_us_tax_dollars_to_greece.html#ixzz3fh9kmGlp [3]

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