Here We Go Again! Iran Parliament Wants to Revise Nuclear Deal

Article posted on July 21st, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

Death to America IranEDITOR’S COMMENT: It appears that Iran is not yet finished trying to get additional concessions from President Obama and Sec. John Kerry. Based upon the results of Kerry’s ‘negotiations’ (cave-in) so far, who can blame them! Wouldn’t it be great, if the Iranians became so greedy, that they cause this negotiated deal to fail! Of course, I’m sure that President Obama would then blame the Republicans for their lack of understanding and bipartisanship.

By Joel B. Pollak

While the UN Security Council passed the Iran deal in a unanimous 15-0 vote on Monday, Iran’s parliament, the Islamic Constituent Assembly, or Majlis, holds the power to revise or delay key parts of the nuclear deal with Iran–even as President Barack Obama and world powers seek a UN Security Council resolution before the U.S. Congress can review the deal.

On Saturday, the Fars News Agency reported that the Majlis threatened to reject the agreement’s provision on ballistic missiles, which call for an international embargo on missile technology to be extended for eight years–a significant, last-minute concession by the U.S.

Iran wants unrestricted ballsitic missile development and access to conventional arms dealers abroad.

“The parliament will reject any limitations on the country’s access to conventional weapons, specially ballistic missiles,” said Tehran MP Seyed Mehdi Hashemi.

In addition, the nuclear deal says that the Majlis will ratify the Additional Protocol (AP) to the Non-Proliferation Treaty–but it does not say when.

The AP is the key to long-term monitoring of Iranian nuclear research and development by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Without approval of the AP, Iran may hide key information about its nuclear activity, and may accelerate advanced centrifuge research immediately when the nuclear deal expires, among other hazards. (Even then, its commitments under the AP will be somewhat voluntary.)

However, there is no guarantee that the AP will be ratified.    (my emphasis)

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