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GOP Establishment Wages War Against Cruz and Conservative Voters

By John Hayward

Perhaps the Republican leadership and its Establishment apparatus don’t realize just how dangerous is the game they’re playing against conservatives, or perhaps they just don’t care. There is a part of the GOP power structure that has always been most happy to serve as the permanent minority, personally enriched by serving as minor, ineffective obstacles to the ruling Left.

They win elections by cadging millions from conservatives desperate to Do Something about the mess in Washington, then sink comfortably into that mess as though relaxing in a jacuzzi, rousing themselves only to display true fury against the occasional cage-rattling, boat-rocking conservative insurgent.

Republican leaders said they needed the Senate to get anything done, and they got it, in a historic midterm election landslide. They’ve done absolutely nothing with it.

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)2is still the effective Senate Majority Leader – in fact, he’s sitting prettier than ever, because he gets to watch Republicans use his grubby tactics to stymie conservative votes, while his hands remain clean.

Can anyone point to a significant event in the post-midterm Senate that would have gone much differently if Democrats were still the official majority party?

We get no votes on anything of substance to conservatives, no votes that would force Democrats to spend political capital or take uncomfortable on-the-record positions that would alienate voters.

How’s all that kindergarten respect for Democrats working out for you guys? Do these buffoons have any idea what they’re doing? Do they have a clue how badly their stupid schoolyard smackdowns play with their base voters? Wait until Senator Alexander is comfortably back in the minority, whining like a toddler about how good little boys and girls are supposed to respect each other, while the Democrats ruthlessly stamp his minority caucus into the dirt.

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