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Watchdog Says EPA Not Vetting Job Candidates

EDITOR’S COMMENT: I’m guessing that the EPA’s plan here is to enable them to hire as many environmental zealots and unqualified activists as they can, while the Obama administration is still in charge. Just think of the havoc that these radical fanatics can cause, particularly when the agency’s leadership has been shown to ‘ignore’ some of the existing laws.

By Kathryn Watson

The Environmental Protection Agency will hire up to 800 people by the end of summer [1], so it might concern taxpayers to know that EPA officials don’t thoroughly vet job candidates.

EPA hiring heads didn’t verify employment history or references of any new employees scrutinized by the EPA Office of Inspector General, according to a report released Monday [2]. IG investigators reviewed 25 new-hire files, “none” of which “contained documentation that prior employment or references were verified,” the IG report said.

Perhaps even more problematic, the IG said, is the EPA’s own human resources bulletin doesn’t require staff to run reference or employment history checks.

“Without a requirement, there is no assurance that a verification of prior employment or references for prospective job candidates is conducted or consistently performed,” the IG report found. “In addition, without the verification, the EPA may not hire the best-qualified candidate, and is at risk of hiring an applicant based on false information.”     (my emphasis)

READ all of Kathryn Watson’s comments from The Daily Caller here [3].

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