Barack Obama’s Inability to Grasp Reality

Article posted on August 31st, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

Iran side deals Obama from # 166776By Wesley Pruden

Barack Obama is afraid he might be a warmonger at heart. Who knew? But making war against an Islamic enemy? That defies everyone’s imagination.

The president keeps changing his arguments for approval of his deal with the mullahs in Iran, and the tone of his denunciations of anybody who argues with him grows ever harsher and disrespectful. The latest refinement of tone is his assertion that it’s his way or the highway, that war with Iran lies at the end of that forbidden highway.

But who would start such a war? He doesn’t say. As crazy as the mullahs are, the craziness lies in a distorted theology, not in statecraft. The mullahs are smart enough not to believe everything they say, and go to war against the United States. We logically conclude that Mr. Obama is afraid that he might be the one to start the war. Who else does he think it could be? His “it’s me or war” is rendered nonsense, and he knows it.

Many bad things happen when a leader is weak, confused and forever searching for a reason to do nothing. For all his softness on Islam, he has little insight into the men who send out mobs to cry “death to America.” He can’t imagine that men who listen to the call to evening prayer that so captivated him as a boy in Indonesia — “the prettiest sound on Earth” — actually dream of bringing death to America.

The international order so carefully put together, and guarded so faithfully, by American presidents after the Cold War was won, has begun to unravel under this president to the consternation of America’s most faithful allies and to the unexpected delight of the nation’s enemies.

“When [Mr.] Obama came to office in 2009,” writes Alexander Woolfson in Standpoint, a London political monthly, “it would have been unimaginable that a caliphate could be allowed to thrive in the midst of the Middle East, or that a U.S. president would be foolish enough to exploit ancient Persian and Arab enmity for the purposes of American retrenchment.    (my emphasis)

READ all of Wesley Pruden’s comments from the Washington Times here.

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