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EPA Treats Own Environmental Catastrophe As Ho-Hum

By Investor’s Business Daily

The only thing more outrageous than the EPA’s release of three million gallons of toxic waste into Colorado’s Animas River has been its cavalier response to the disaster in the days since.

On Sunday night, EPA regional director Shaun McGrath [1] told a town hall meeting in Colorado that the EPA would “hold ourselves to the same standards that we would anyone that would have created this situation.” Right.

This is an agency that will aggressively fine businesses, municipalities and anyone or anything else for even the slightest violation of its ridiculously strict standards, but that will face zero fines for its own environmental catastrophe.

It’s an agency that claims that even the tiniest levels of pollutants are extremely hazardous, yet has been busy downplaying the damage after its own incompetence caused the release of millions of gallons of toxic waste.

A few hours after the spill, an official EPA statement described it as nothing more than a “pulse” that had “dissipated in about an hour.”

Previous pollution had already killed off most fish in the Animas, it said, so there was no real risk to wildlife.

In the days following, EPA officials kept telling the public that no health hazard had been detected and that there was no threat to drinking water.

As late as Monday, McGrath was still saying he couldn’t give an assessment of potential harm to people.

When it comes to pollution, the EPA appears to have one set of rules for itself and another for everyone else.   (my emphasis)

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