O’Malley’s Taxes, Regs Drove Jobs Out Of Maryland, Hurt Its Poor

Article posted on August 21st, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

Martin O'Malley at CAPBy Ethan Barton

O’Malley’s campaign this year has gone nowhere, but his record as governor will get much deeper scrutiny in coming days if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s public credibility continues to plummet, with a result that increasing numbers of Democrats look for more attractive alternatives for their party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

“Obviously, his economic policy has severely affected the state of Maryland,” said conservative think tank Maryland Public Policy Institute President Christopher Summers told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “It hasn’t just hung an anti-business sign on Maryland. It’s carved it in stone.”

During O’Malley’s administration, however, Maryland saw an outflow of both businesses and residents, due according to Republicans to his high taxes and costly regulations. Republicans point to what they view as 83 tax increases as evidence.

Economics and tax policies were the decisive factors in the November 2014 decision by voters in the extremely Blue State to put Republican Larry Hogan in the Governor’s Mansion in Annapolis instead of O’Malley’s lieutenant governor and hand-picked successor, Anthony Brown.

“The O’Malley administration didn’t have an economic development plan,” Summers said. “They had a tax plan. If Maryland really wants to increase its economic competitiveness, it needs to push the reset button and go back to pre-2007 income tax levels.”

Tax hikes came so frequently, Summers said, that “it became ‘gosh, what are they going to tax next?’

The state lost nearly 6,000 businesses from O’Malley’s 2007 inauguration to 2013, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Meanwhile, more than 14,600 residents left Maryland along with their tax dollars between 2010 and 2013….

“One of the big problems under O’Malley was the migration out of the state,” said Maryland Public Policy Institute fellow Marta Mossburg. “Even people who are okay with larger government are saying ‘enough.’ People feel like they’re ATMs for the government.”    (my emphasis)

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