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Article posted on September 8th, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

Trump On Obama: ‘It’s Almost Like He’s Got Total Admiration’ For Iran’s Supreme Leader – Daily Caller  … “…But I can say this with surety — although Kerry may go down as being worse than [Hillary], because he’s approving this [Iran] deal, and I think this deal with Iran is perhaps the greatest disaster of a contract that I’ve ever seen. It’s the most incompetently drawn and agreed to contract that I’ve ever seen. It is the most one-sided. It’s a disgrace to the United States, and I think it’ll be a disgrace to humanity…. I mean, who can even think of signing a contract where in the streets they’re marching, and you have the, I refuse to use the word “supreme leader,” by the way. When Obama talks about the “supreme leader,” it’s almost like he’s got total admiration for him.”

Iran-Backed Houthis Take ‘Several’ Americans Hostage In Yemen – Breitbart  …  “Yemeni Houthi jihadists have reportedly taken a number of Americans hostage in Yemen as they fight to take control of the country, the U.S. State Department confirmed Monday. One of the American captives has been identified. Scott Darden, 45, is one of the captives, a source with knowledge of the ongoing hostage situation told CNN. He was captured by the Iran-backed Houthi militants in March, and they have yet to ask for a ransom, the source said. The Houthi militants are notoriously anti-American, proven by their slogan: “God is Great, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam.” Darden, an Atlanta, Georgia native, was captured while working on humanitarian aid projects in the country.”

COMMENT: I wonder if President Obama is aware of this hostage-taking, since, if you recall, he has claimed in the past that he was unaware of certain events until stories ran about them in the mainstream newspapers? I also wonder, if he will ask Iran to intercede for their safe return. Probably not, since that most likely would require asking for something in return for the Iran nuclear deal, and he apparently hasn’t learned yet how to request a benefit, as part of any real negotiation.

Hillary Demands Loyalty Pledge – Newsmax  …  “Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton might be worried about maintaining that status, asking attendees at a Cleveland, Ohio, event to sign a loyalty pledge before being allowed to enter, writes Salena Zito at Real Clear Politics. Zito posted a picture of the pledge on Twitter. It reads, “I _______ commit to vote for Hillary Clinton.” Below that is a list of volunteer opportunities with checkboxes. They include “Collect signatures” and “Host a grassroots fundraiser.” The crowd wasn’t very big, Zito reported, and even if all those who did attend signed the pledge, Clinton shouldn’t hold her breath expecting them to keep good on their word. Most in the crowd of millennials were Bernie Sanders supporters and said they just showed up out of curiosity. The crowd was unenthusiastic.”

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