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Article posted on September 9th, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

Lawsuit Asks How Clinton Lawyer Got OK to Store Classified Emails – Politico  …  “A new lawsuit is demanding that the State Department explain how Hillary Clinton’s private attorney, David Kendall, got permission from the State Department to retain copies of Clinton’s emails after the agency determined some of them were classified. The suit was filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Washington by freelance journalist David Brown, who sent State a Freedom of Information Act request last month asking for all records about the decision to allow Kendall to retain a thumb drive containing copies of about 30,000 emails Clinton turned over to State in December.”

“Kendall said in a letter to Congress recently that on July 8, the State Department provided him and his law partner Katherine Turner with a safe to hold the drive. He said both he and Turner have ‘TOP SECRET’ clearances. Lawyers who represent clients in national security cases say it’s highly unusual for a private attorney to be given permission to hold classified records. ‘If one of us tried to do this, we’d have our clearance yanked that very day and have a search warrant served on us and something different happened here,’ said Brown’s attorney Kel McClanahan. ‘Not only agree did [State] allow him to maintain these records, but it’s unclear if they even pushed back.'”

Pew Poll: Support for Iran Nuke Deal Falls to 21 Percent – Newsmax  …  “Only one-fifth of Americans approve of the Iran nuclear deal, down 12 percent from two months ago, according to a new Pew Research Center poll. Only 21 percent favor the deal about to be taken up by Congress, according to the latest numbers. Forty-nine percent oppose it, and 30 percent have no opinion. In July, 33 percent supported the deal brokered by the Obama administration and 45 percent opposed it. The partisan divide remains, with Republicans strongly opposing it, and almost half of Democrats favoring. But support has waned across the board.”

“Republicans now approve by only 6 percent, down from 13 percent in July. Seventy-eight percent of Republicans disapprove, up from 69 percent. Independents support the deal only by 20 percent, down from 31 percent. Forty-seven percent of independents disapprove. That number has remained steady.”

Bowe Bergdahl May Get Life for ‘Misbehavior Before the Enemy’ – Newsmax  …  “Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl faces a possible life sentence after military prosecutors reached back into a section of military law seldom used since World War II to charge him with misbehavior before the enemy in addition to desertion. Bergdahl — the soldier held prisoner for years by the Taliban after leaving his post in Afghanistan — could face a life sentence if convicted of the added charge, which accuses him of endangerng fellow soldiers when he ‘left without authority; and wrongfully caused search and recovery operations.’ The desertion charge, in this case, only carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.”

“Observers of the politically fraught case against  Bergdahl  had wondered for months for months if he would be charged with desertion after the deal brokered by President Barack Obama to bring him home, according to The Associated Press. Now he is charged both with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, a much rarer offense that carries a stiffer potential penalty in this case. The military has scheduled an initial court appearance known as an Article 32 hearing for Bergdahl on Sept. 17 at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The proceeding is similar to a civilian grand jury, and afterward the case could be referred to a court-martial and go to trial.”

COMMENT: All of this just reminds me again of how bad a negotiator our former community organizer President Obama and his immediate staff are. This was another terrible blunder on his part.

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