Other Informative Stories That We are Following on September 10, 2015

Article posted on September 10th, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

NYT: Democrats Eyeing ‘White Knight’ If Clinton Implodes – Newsmax  …  “Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers continue to fall over the email scandal, leading wary party supporters to cast about for a possible white knight if the plunge continues. ‘You have Democrats beginning to panic about the one thing that a lot of them never worried about, which was Clinton’s electability in the general election,’ Robert Shrum, a longtime strategist, told The New York Times. “You still have to think of her as the odds-on favorite for the Democratic nomination. ‘But the challenge she faces in the general election is both the trust problem and the likability problem,’ Shrum said. Besides Vice President Joe Biden, other names being bandied about are Sec. of State John Kerry, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and former Vice President Al Gore.”

“Biden and Kerry are the kind of highly respected, well-known figures that, if he were to jump in the race during the primaries in an emergency kind of way, they could attract a lot of voters very quickly,” Jaime Harrison, the chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, told the Times. Supporters are also nervous because of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is attracting huge crowds at campaign events.”

Gov’t Turns Over Fewer Clinton-Related Emails Than Cited – AP  …   The State Department has delivered only seven of nearly 70 pages of documents that a federal judge identified as potentially responsive to an Associated Press request for documents relating to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s hiring of longtime aide Huma Abedin as a special government contract staffer. The department’s response contained only five email documents, two of them partially censored. Impatient with years of previous delays from the State Department over requests by the AP for emails and documents from Clinton and several of her top aides, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon set a strict schedule for release of the material last month. It included an order to deliver to the AP all uncensored portions of an estimated 68 pages of documents related to Abedin by Tuesday.”

“Meanwhile, government lawyers asked another federal judge to delay releasing thousands of pages of documents, sought by news media and legal and political organizations, from Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state until January 2016.”

For The Last Time, No, The Syrian Crisis Was Not Caused By Climate Change – Breitbart  …  Is there nothing green ideologues won’t do to try to breathe pseudo-scientific life into their bankrupt climate change thesis? Not by the looks of this desperate newspaper story, which attempts – as so many have before – to make hay out of the ragingly fashionable crisis in Syria by linking it to man-made global warming. The report quotes Professor Richard Seager of Columbia University, New York, who says: “Syria was destabilised by 1.5 million migrants from rural communities fleeing a three-year drought that was made more intense and persistent by human-driven climate change, which is steadily making the whole eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region even more arid.”

“And well might he be cautious because the oft-cited paper (by Kelley et al) he co-published earlier this year at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences simply doesn’t support the thesis that “climate change” was in any way responsible for the Syrian civil war. The first is that the paper wasn’t about Syria on its own but about a much bigger area – the greater Fertile Crescent, which also covers most of Iraq, half of Iran and the majority of Turkey. And the second (Panels C and D) is that the ‘significant’ recent local drying it claims to have observed at 25 weather stations – only one of them in Syria – uses a significance level of just 0.1. Which, statistically speaking, is about as close to negligible as the tortured definition of ‘significant’ has ever been…. But then, as any liberal, greenie or Social Justice Warrior could tell you, when the facts don’t suit the narrative, change the facts.”

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