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Article posted on September 11th, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

Senate Dems Block GOP Measure to Kill Iran Deal – Politico  …  “Senate Democrats on Thursday successfully blocked a measure meant to kill President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, dealing a decisive defeat to Republicans’ attempts to derail the controversial agreement and ensuring its survival. With a 58-42 vote, Democrats filibustered the disapproval resolution that Republicans and other deal opponents had tried to send to Obama’s desk, where it would have been vetoed. But with more than enough support from Democrats to sustain that veto, the fight largely turned to the minutiae of Senate procedure and the suspense of whether Democrats would halt the bill from reaching the White House altogether.”

“‘Sen. [Harry] Reid has come out of nowhere to change what was the common understanding of how we would proceed,’ Graham said. ‘But no, we couldn’t do that. We’re more worried about protecting Barack Obama from having to veto this than you are about having a debate on the floor of the Senate.’ The fate of Obama’s deal — which lifts some economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for strict controls on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions — was already sealed when the White House secured 34 Democratic votes in the Senate last week. Those pledges of support meant Obama had enough support to sustain his veto of the disapproval bill. “

COMMENT: Well, now we know that McConnell and the Senate Republican leadership did not want to change the terms of the filibuster procedure in order to prevent this Obama Iran deal from moving forward. While the GOP Senate leaders did try to oppose this deal, they obviously were willing to succumb with not ‘going to the mat’ on this issue. Of course , while they did succeed in getting the Democrats to have to vote on the record on this deal, this is not a huge success. You get the strong impression McConnell and his Senate leaders do not want to any major confrontation here, and sadly the Dems know that.

Gallup: 80% of Voters View Immigration as Important Issue – Breitbart  …  “Immigration is as hot a political issue in 2016 as abortion, according to a new Gallup poll. The latest Rasmussen survey also shows that eighty percent of voters view illegal migration as a serious problem, including 50 percent who describe it as a ‘Very Serious’ issue. The Gallup poll says that 20 percent of registered voters will only vote for a candidate who meets their demands on the issue, which Gallup described as ‘immigration’ but could also be called ‘migration.’ Sixty percent say the issue will be ‘one of many important factors.'”

“Gallup’s poll does not say whether Americans favor or disfavor additional ‘immigration’but a growing number of polls show increased public opposition to the establishment’s push to increase migration into the United States. Most Americans want to like immigrants, and most applaud the idea of people immigrating into the U.S. to become Americans. But many polls show lopsided and strong bipartisan opposition to economic migration, to illegal migration, to companies’ use of foreign workers in place of Americans, and to the vague notion of more ‘immigration.’

Hillary’s Highly Paid IT Guru At State Department Had No National Security Experience – Daily Caller  …  “Hillary Clinton’s politically appointed State Department information technology manager had no national security experience and may have enjoyed a 55 percent pay hike after Clinton departed as secretary of state in February 2013, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation. Bryan Pagliano joined Clinton in 2009 as a top-level IT strategist and adviser. He previously was IT director of Clinton’s unsuccessful campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. The White House personnel office must approve political appointees before they are hired. Pagliano was hired as a GS-15 even though he had no national security experience or security clearance. He was paid $140,000 annually at the outset but that was reduced to $136,000 in 2011 and 2012, according to the Asbury Park Press, which posts federal compensation data.”

“In addition to his government salary, Pagliano also received compensation directly from the Clinton family, but did not list it on his annual financial disclosure forms, according to the Washington Post. Pagliano also managed Clinton’s private email server, which was located in her home in Chappaqua, New York.  He reportedly managed the server remotely from the State Department and in site visits in New York when there were outages. That a State Department employee managed Clinton’s home email server could undermine her original claim that it was private. ‘Mrs. Clinton’s argument that her server was ‘personal’ fails on many levels. And certainly having a State Department employee provide IT servicers for that server certainly blows that argument out of the water,’ said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.”

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