Other Informative Stories That We are Following on September 17, 2015

Article posted on September 17th, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

State Department Is Mum On Whether Hillary Signed Important Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement – Daily Caller  …  “Amid the many unanswered questions in the Hillary Clinton email scandal is whether the former secretary of state signed an official document acknowledging that she turned over all of the classified information in her possession to the State Department when she left office in Feb. 2013. The “Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement” — Special Form 312 — also requires incoming government officials to acknowledge that classified information can be either ‘marked’ or ‘unmarked’ as such. But finding out whether Clinton signed the document has been difficult.”

“The State Department declined to say whether she signed the form. The Daily Caller has also learned that the agency has not turned SF-312s for Clinton and several of her top aides over to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which requested them on Aug. 5. Whether or not Clinton signed the SF-312 could have significant implications for her presidential campaign. She has downplayed the discovery that two emails that traversed the private email server she used while in office contained “top secret” information, saying that the emails were not ‘marked’ as classified at the time she received them. But the SF-312 removes that distinction. And failure to comply with the agreement can lead to criminal prosecution, dismissal, or loss of security clearance.”

Most Reporters Sat Through National Anthem – Breitbart  …  “Most reporters continued to sit while the National Anthem played at the start of the GOP’s presidential primary debate. Breitbart News captured a video showing most reporters and support staff sitting down, instead of standing as most Americans typically do. Breitbart News reporters did stand as the National Anthem played through the speakers.

In the past, some journalists have been under fire for texting or working during the singing of the National Anthem, while others have stated that it is a journalist’s job to remain neutral.”

COMMENT: Another commenter stated this behavior correctly: Absolutely disgraceful! Is it any wonder most media outlets are left wing rags!

Voters Are Rejecting the Last Seven Obama Years – Washington Examiner  …   “In this presidential cycle, voters in both parties, to the surprise of the punditocracy, are rejecting experienced political leaders. They’re willfully suspending disbelief in challengers who would have been considered laughable in earlier years. Polls show more Republicans preferring three candidates who have never held elective office over 14 candidates who have served a combined total of 150 years as governors or in Congress. Most Democrats are declining to favor a candidate who spent eight years in the White House and the Senate and four as secretary of state. Psephologists of varying stripes attribute this discontent to varying causes. Conservatives blame insufficiently aggressive Republican congressional leaders. Liberals blame Hillary Clinton’s closeness to plutocrats and her home email system.”

“But in our system the widespread rejection of experienced leaders ultimately comes from dismay at the leader in the White House. In 1960 Richard Nixon, after eight years as vice president and six in Congress, campaigned on the slogan ‘Experience counts.’ No one is running on that theme this year. In 2008 Obama promised he would ‘fundamentally transform’ America, and Obamacare and the Iran deal are indeed fundamental transformations of policy –transformations most Americans oppose…. Most Americans hoped the first black president would improve race relations. Now most Americans believe they have gotten worse. And so a president who came to office with relatively little experience has managed to tarnish experience, incumbency and institutions: a fundamental transformation indeed.”

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