Other Informative Stories That We are Following on September 21, 2015

Article posted on September 21st, 2015 by WhatAmIMissingHere

Ed Klein: Obama Agrees to Back Biden If He Can Pick VP – Newsmax  …  “President Barack Obama has agreed to endorse a presidential campaign by Vice President Joe Biden if he is allowed to pick Biden’s running mate, author and journalist Ed Klein reports. Biden, who has yet to announce whether he will seek the Democratic nomination, is reportedly weighing the offer, according to Klein. Further, Obama wants Biden to choose a black running mate and commit to serving only one term, then throwing his own endorsement to his vice president, Klein writes on his Ed Klein Confidential blog.”

COMMENT: Obviously, another reason not to vote for Biden!

Trump Says He’s Not ‘Morally Obligated’ to Defend Obama Against Claims – CNN  …  “Donald Trump on Saturday said it is not his job to correct supporters’ claims about the President, defending his decision not to take issue with a man who disparaged Muslims and said President Barack Obama is not an American. Trump did not dispute the man’s allegations made at a town hall event this week, and added that if someone criticized him to Obama, there would be ‘no chance’ the President would come to his defense. Seven minutes later, Trump suggested, ‘This is the first time in my life that I have caused controversy by NOT saying something.'”

Hillary Clinton Laughs at Possible Criminal Charges in Email Scandal –  Washington Times  …  “Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton burst into laughter when asked about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie saying she should be prosecuted for using a private email account and home-based email server for official business as secretary of state. Mrs. Clinton kept shaking her head and chuckling when asked on CNN’s ‘The Situation Room’ about the possibility that Russia, China or even 18-year-olds would have hacked into U.S. national security secrets that were stored on the email server in the basement of her home in New York. ‘There’s no evidence of that,’ she said. ‘This is — you know, this is overheated rhetoric, baseless charges trying to somehow, you know, gain a footing in the debate and in the primary. And it really doesn’t deserve any comment.'”

“After the interview, the Republican National Committee slammed Mrs. Clinton for not taking the issue seriously. ‘Once again Hillary Clinton laughed off questions about her secret email server even though it put our national security at risk and is being investigated by the FBI,’ RNC spokesman Michael Short said in a statement. ‘With her campaign under siege, it’s no wonder she is refusing to join the growing chorus of Democrats calling for more debates.'”

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