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U.S. Chamber Plans $100 Million Campaign Against Conservatives

EDITOR’S COMMENT: My how things have changed, as in the past the Chamber of Commerce and the Republicans, in general, were in lockstep together promoting conservative principles. Now, it appears that the Chamber of Commerce, if not all its members, favor big government and government handouts. So, now we have the Republicans rather divided. Those representing the establishment, who tend to agree with the Chamber, are opposed to the more free-market, conservative, Tea Party individuals, who are completely opposed to the hand of big government and all its regulations.

By Mike Flynn

While many conservatives celebrate the abrupt resignation of Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), business groups backed by mega corporations are finalizing plans to neuter conservative lawmakers in 2016.

The U.S. Chamber will take the lead, planning to spend $100 million in 2016, a large portion of which will be devoted to defeat conservatives in Republican primaries.

Roll Call reports [1] that “[s]ome of business’ top targets in 2016 will be right-wing, tea party candidates, the types that have bucked the corporate agenda in Congress.”

The $100 million the Chamber plans to spend this cycle is close to triple [2] the amount the group spent in 2012, when President Obama was running for reelection. In 2014, when the Chamber launched its effort to attack conservatives [3] in primaries, the group spent close to $70 million.

The evolution of the Chamber’s political spending goes a long way to explain the current dysfunction in Washington. The organization will devote $170 million to combat conservatives in primaries and support establishment Republicans in the general, but only around $30 million when Obama is running for reelection.

At the time business groups announced their heavy involvement in Republican primaries, Scott Reed, the Chamber’s top political consultant said [2], “[t]he need is now more than ever to elect people who understand the free market and not silliness.”

The top legislative priorities for the U.S. Chamber, and many business groups, are reinstatement of the Export-Import Bank, an immigration overhaul that greatly expands the number of both legal workers and foreign work visas, and an overhaul of the corporate income tax.

Only one of these priorities is clearly a free-market position.     (my emphasis)

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