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Other Informative Stories That We are Following on October 5, 2015

Vladimir Putin Sees Barack Obama’s Coolness as Weakness – And It Is Hurting America [1] – Telegraph  …  “Russia’s bombing of American allies in Syria underlines how much more powerful and provocative Putin is than he was before Obama took office. Russian warplanes began bombing American-backed Syrian opposition strongholds on Wednesday, a move that can be viewed as the latest example of American humiliation abroad. As was the case when Russians invaded Ukraine, the Russians cloaked their activity in lies. This all comes on the heels of President Barack Obama’s drawing of a ‘red line’ regarding the use of chemical weapons, only to back down when the Assad regime – by most accounts – used them.”

“This past week, White House press secretary Josh Earnest strained credulity when he said Mr Obama doesn’t regret drawing that red line. It’s also important to note that in the wake of the red line being trampled, Russia invaded Crimea. President Obama’s legacy may be mixed, but one thing is for sure: Vladimir Putin is much more powerful and provocative than he was before Mr Obama took office, and Russia has only expanded its sphere of influence. The Syria bombings also come almost immediately after Mr Putin met with Mr Obama at the UN where they agreed to ‘deconflict’ military operations – a very Obama-esque line that Mr Putin immediately crossed. For those paying attention, Mr. Obama’s foreign policy world-view has failed. The suggestion that America could leave a vacuum that wouldn’t be filled by our adversaries the idea that the ‘international community’ (whatever that means) would respect us more if we were to retreat from the world – was always a farce.”

Huckabee: If It Were Muslims Killed in Ore., Obama Would Have Mentioned It [2] – Newsmax  …  “Mike Huckabee lashed out at President Barack Obama, charging the president deliberately ignored the fact that the victims in the Umpqua Community College shooting were Christians. ‘The president always wants to be defensive and tell us that there’s no such thing as Islamic terrorism, these aren’t religious people even though we all know they are but when it seems the target is a Christian, he conveniently just ignores it, denies it or just moves on to something else. It is incredibly significant that there was a religious intent and motive in this shooter’s attitude.'”

“‘Every time we have a mass shooting the president comes out and he always says ‘let’s have some common sense gun laws.’ Now tell me what common sense gun law would’ve prevented that?’ he asked. ‘What common sense gun law does he have in mind because what he proposed after [the school shootings at Sandy Hook] would not have prevented it? Every time he has this proposal, it’s always about tackling a problem that doesn’t exist and not dealing with the real problem.'”

Bolton: Kerry Says Russia Has ‘Legitimate Role’ in Middle East [3] – Newsmax  …   “Sec. of State John Kerry, while speaking to the United Nations Wednesday about the Russian airstrikes being conducted on targets in Syria, conceded ‘there is a legitimate role for Russia in the Middle East,’ former Ambassador John Bolton said Wednesday. ‘This is something we have resisted for half a century,’ Bolton said while appearing as a guest on Fox News’ ‘Outnumbered’ program. ‘He said it is in connection with getting rid of the [Syrian President Bashar al] Assad regime, which is a point that has been made that Russia will cooperate with getting rid of Assad. That is not going to happen.'”

“Instead, the former ambassador said that he believes, like rebels in Syria and other experts, that Russia is actually in Syria to ‘strengthen the Assad regime.’ ‘[Russia] should be coordinating with us,’ Bolton said. ‘We should be the ones telling them where they can fly.’ He also has a prediction: ‘Russia wants to strengthen the Baghdad government and Assad and then declare a truce with ISIS, so they can go on and declare other things. Don’t think these people are not cynical enough to do this. The Russians know how to do this kind of thing.'”

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