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“Uninformed” Hillary Supporters Think A “White Privilege Tax” Is A Good Idea

EDITOR’S COMMENT: What’s truly scary about these comments is that with the huge increase in immigration and the numbers of uninformed citizens continuing to grow sharply, it is possible that this sentiment may eventually dominate among the voters. Not likely, but!

By Steve Watson

Hillary Clinton supporters think that a ‘white privilege tax’ is a real policy, and what’s more they support it, saying that taxing just white people and redistributing the money among minority communities is a good idea.

Political activist Mark Dice went out on the street in San Diego, California to seek out Hillary supporters’ opinions, telling them that Clinton plans on implementing a tax on the income of all Caucasian Americans to help offset income inequality.

“Yeah. I think she should help re-distribute into the minority community.” one woman repeated, after declaring that she trusts in Hillary and trusts in Bill Clinton to be “in her ear”.

“The program is called the white privilege tax?” another woman stated in disbelief before “absolutely” agreeing it should have been implemented years ago.

Another brainless beach twerp replied “yeah why not, we’re all in this together.” when Dice asked him if he supported taxing whitey.

“We’ve got to help each other out,” he added calling it “economic growth.”     (my emphasis)

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