Obama Kept Key Iran Nuclear Deal Details from Congress, House Republicans Allege

Posted on September 10th, 2015

AlertEDITOR’S COMMENT: Finally, the House Republicans are trying to assert themselves on behalf of the American people, partly as a result of a ‘full-scale” revolt against John Boehner, as he was not planning to fight the Iran deal any longer. In other words, the leadership was willing to cave in again. Now, we have to hope that Senate Republican leader McConnell does not ‘wimp out’ in the face of heavy pressure from the White House. Even if these tactics don’t succeed, the Republican leadership needs to show conclusively that the favorable votes on this Obama Iran deal are all Democratic.

By Stephen Dinan and Anjali Shastry

GOP’s last-ditch effort to derail agreement could create legal hurdle for president.

House Republicans will attempt a last-ditch effort to derail the Iran nuclear agreement by asserting President Obama has withheld key details of the deal from Congress, meaning the 60-day period for Capitol Hill’s review hasn’t even begun, GOP lawmakers said Wednesday.

The move could create a legal hurdle for President Obama, who argues he has power to move ahead with lifting U.S. sanctions on Iran as of Sept. 17, when he deems the clock runs out on Congress‘ review period.

“Many of us feel this is a deeply flawed agreement. We think it’s going to endanger our national security, we think it’s going to endanger the security of our friends and allies in the region, and we’re just looking for any way that we can to derail this agreement,” said Rep. Chris Stewart, Utah Republican, emerging from a closed-door meeting of the House GOP where details were being hashed out. Read More..

Iran Deal: Khamenei Says Israel Destroyed in 25 Years

Posted on September 10th, 2015

WAIMH Red ArrowEDITOR’S COMMENT: Do these comments sound to you like the comments of someone that you would want to negotiate anything, never mind a disastrous nuclear weapons deal with? And, don’t ignore his comments that Iran will have nothing to with the “Great Satan’, the United States, in the future. Wasn’t the likelihood of future agreements and potential trade agreements with Iran a main reason for ‘reaching out’ to Iran in the beginning. Now, it looks like most, if not all, of the trade will go to other western countries, and not the U.S. Nice going, Mr. President. As I’ve mentioned many times, you really do have to wonder which country President Obama believes he is representing, if any!

By Times of Israel

Israel will not survive the next 25 years, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Wednesday, making a series of threatening remarks published online.

In a quote posted to Twitter by Khamenei’s official account, Khamenei addresses Israel, saying, “You will not see next 25 years,” and adds that the Jewish state will be hounded until it is destroyed.

The quote comes against a backdrop of a photograph apparently showing the Iranian leader walking on an Israeli flag painted on a sidewalk.

Khamenei’s statements also reaffirmed his view that the US is a “Great Satan” and that there would be no detente with Washington beyond the nuclear talks. Read More..

Why There Is Still Time to Demand a Better Iran Deal

Posted on September 10th, 2015

Obama’s Nuke deal campaign from www.caglecartoons.com # 167367By Rachel Zissimos

As Congress’ September deadline to approve or condemn the Iran deal approaches, the Obama administration has intensified its lobbying efforts, appealing to individual members of Congress who remain on the fence.

Last Friday, President Obama drafted a letter to Rep. Jerrold Nadler D-N.Y., defending what he calls “a very good deal for the United States” that will eliminate all pathways to a nuclear weapon, facilitate the full or partial “snapback” of sanctions, and ensure “tremendous oversight.”

Nadler announced his support of the deal later that day, albeit with little enthusiasm. He assessed the deal as “far from perfect, to put it mildly.” Nadler is not the only politician to have voiced support of the deal begrudgingly.

The administration has accused Republicans of lining up to oppose the deal before it was even released. However, blaming concerns on party bias dismisses legitimate criticisms that span both sides of the aisle. Read More..

The Democrats Now Own Iran. They’ll Soon Wish They Didn’t

Posted on September 9th, 2015

Dumb and dumber Obama Iran deal from www.caglecartoons.com # 168318By Jonathan S. Tobin

Well, President Obama got what he’s been working toward all year. With Senator Barbara Mikulski’s announcement that she will vote to support the Iran nuclear deal, the administration got its 34th vote in the Senate, thus assuring that the president will have enough support to sustain a veto of a resolution of disapproval of the pact. Mikulski was just the latest of a number of Senate Democrats to throw in with the president on Iran. 

Leaving aside the terrible damage the deal does to U.S. security and the stability of the Middle East, the most far-reaching effect of the deal is that from now on Democrats own Iran.

From this moment forward, every act of Iranian-sponsored terrorism, every instance of Iranian aggression and adventurism as well as the Islamist regime’s inevitable march to a nuclear weapon can be laid at the feet of a Democratic Party. With a few exceptions, the Democrats fell meekly behind a president determined to prioritize détente with Iran over the alliance with Israel and the need to defend U.S. interests. By smashing the bipartisan consensus that had existed on Iran up until this year, the Democrats have, in effect, become the hostages of the ayatollahs. This is a decision that will haunt them in the years to come. Read More..

Deja vu All Over Again: What Happened When We Did A Nuclear Deal Two Decades Ago with Another Rogue State

Posted on September 8th, 2015

Iran Snake Oil Salesman, Obama, Kerry, from www.caglecartoons.com # 166824  By Jeff Lipkes

Claudia Rosett in Forbes offers an instructive comparison between the “Agreed Framework” with North Korea in 1994 and this summer’s “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” with Iran.

With Congress due to vote by Sept. 17 on the Iran nuclear deal, there’s a warning worth revisiting. It goes like this: The president is pushing a historic nuclear agreement, saying it will stop a terror-sponsoring tyranny from getting nuclear weapons. And up pipes the democratically elected leader of one of America’s closest allies, to say this nuclear deal is mortal folly. He warns that it is filled with concessions more likely to sustain and embolden the nuclear-weapons-seeking despotism than to disarm it.

This critic has more incentive than most to weigh the full implications of the deal, because his country is most immediately in harm’s way — though it has not been included in the nuclear talks. He notes that the nuclear negotiators have sidelined such glaring issues as human rights, and warns that Washington is naive, and the U.S. is allowing itself to be manipulated by a ruthless dictatorship.

No, the critic I’m referring to is not Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, though he has warned of precisely such dangers in the Iran nuclear deal. I am citing the warnings voiced 21 years ago by the then-President of South Korea, Kim Young Sam, as the Clinton administration bargained its way toward the 1994 nuclear deal with North Korea known as the Agreed Framework.

As it turned out, Kim Young Sam’s misgivings were right on target. The 1994 Agreed Framework did not stop North Korea’s pursuit of the bomb. Instead, it became a pit stop on North Korea’s road to the nuclear arsenal it is amassing today. Read More..

Harry Reid Confirms Senate Democrats Will Filibuster Iran Nuclear Deal

Posted on September 8th, 2015

RedArrowWAIMHlargerEDITOR’S COMMENT: When is the Republican leadership going to wake up, and actually act responsibly, and do what they were elected to do? In this issue, as significant as it is, the republicans should simply change the ‘rules’ regarding filibuster, in the same way that Harry Reid did, when he was in charge. For some idiotic reason, the Republican leadership has this quaint and outdated notion of ‘respect’ for existing Senates rules, and ranks this notion higher than its interests in protecting the country!

By Stephen Dinan

Democrats will try to mount a filibuster to block the Iran nuclear deal from even having to reach President Obama’s desk for a veto, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid signaled Saturday in a statement.

He and his party colleagues already have enough committed supporters that they would be able to sustain an Obama veto and allow the Iran deal to proceed, but a filibuster would be an even bigger coup, halting the issue earlier in the process and heading off a protracted — and potentially politically costly — veto fight.

A surge of support for Mr. Obama’s stance this week has put Democrats well over the 34 votes needed to guarantee upholding the veto, and they are now within striking distance of the 41 votes that would guarantee a filibuster, too.

The Iran debate is slated to begin Tuesday, as Congress returns from a long summer vacation. Read More..

Guess How Many Refugees the Rich Gulf States Have Taken In?

Posted on September 8th, 2015

Saudi Arabia and refugees from www.caglecartoons.com # 168448By Rick Moran

The refugee crisis continues to haunt the countries of the European Union as tens of thousands of desperate people try to escape war, famine, and chaos in their home countries try to reach the wealthy democracies of Europe.

Germany plans to take in 800,000 refugees this year with other EU countries being urged to take in a bigger share. But one group of nations that would, on the surface, appear to be an ideal destination for the refugees has held back giving any support to the migrants. They are rich, they are Muslim, but they have closed their doors to the crisis.

In fact, the Arab Gulf States have yet to take in a single refugee. You read that right; zero migrants taken in by the fabulously wealthy autocratic monarchies of the Persian Gulf.

Washington Post:

Some European countries have been criticized for offering sanctuary only to a small number of refugees, or for discriminating between Muslims and Christians. There’s also been a good deal of continental hand-wringing over the general dysfunction of Europe’s systems for migration and asylum.

Less ire, though, has been directed at another set of stakeholders who almost certainly should be doing more: Saudi Arabia and the wealthy Arab states along the Persian Gulf.

As Amnesty International recently pointed out, the “six Gulf countries — Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain — have offered zero resettlement places to Syrian refugees.”  Read More..

Donald Trump: Nuclear Deal Calls for US to Defend Iran Against Israeli Attack

Posted on September 4th, 2015

WAIMH Red ArrowBy The Jerusalem Post

“If Israel attacks Iran according to that deal, I believe… that we have to fight with Iran against Israel,” Republican presidential candidate tells CNN.

In a telephone interview with CNN , Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said that under the auspices of the Iran nuclear agreement, if Israel were to attack the Islamic Republic, the United States would have to come to the Tehran’s aid.

… But Trump added an unconventional twist to the opposition argument, suggesting that under the terms of the deal the United States was required to fight alongside Iran if Israel were to attack.

“You know, there is something in the Iran deal that people I don’t think really understand or know about,” the real estate mogul said. And nobody is ever to explain it that if somebody attacks Iran, we have to come to their defense.” Read More..

Obama’s Obscene Drive to Avoid Any Senate Vote on the Iran Deal

Posted on September 3rd, 2015

Dealing from behind imageEDITOR’S COMMENT: What is the Republican establishment leadership waiting for? Or, are McConnell and Boehner simply going to give Obama what he wants, as they have so often done in the recent past. If any vote in congress requires changing the rules on ‘filibuster’, this one is it!

By The New York Post

Whether to approve the disastrous nuclear deal with Iran is the most important question to face Congress in years — yet the president wants to stop the Senate from even debating it.

He’s pushing Democrats to use the filibuster rule to stop the question from making it to the Senate floor — and Minority Leader Harry Reid’s rallying the votes to do it.

Of course, President Obama never wanted Congress to have a say here. But Congress voted itself an oversight role anyway — by 98-1 in the Senate.

Now Reid’s rounding up Democrats to derail the process they helped set up to “ensure the American people — through their elected representatives — a voice on any deal with Iran.” Read More..

Officers’ Letter to Congress on Iran Deal Is Their Attempt to Warn Us

Posted on September 2nd, 2015

AlertEDITOR’S COMMENT: This is a most important commentary that reviews the letter that 190 retired U.S. flag officers issued to Congress and provides us with their thoughts and dire warnings about Obama’s Iran deal and our nuclear surrender. As such, this is another MUST READ commentary, and a copy should be sent to all your friends and relatives.

By James Lewis

“The Obama administration has a strategy. It is very simple. Any thinking American should be able to grasp it. It’s anti-American, anti-Western, it’s pro-Islamic, pro-Iranian, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood.” Admiral James Lyons (USN, ret.)

The most dangerous presidency in American history is now rushing to its climax.  This is the lethal moment that Bush and Cheney warned us about – the catastrophic moment when a fanatical Armageddon regime in Tehran will be guaranteed a path to nuclear weapons.  Some military experts are convinced they already have them.

The Bush administration made many mistakes, but it was absolutely on target about the danger of terrorists armed with nukes.  For rational actors, nuclear weapons are a last-ditch defense, because in a nuclear exchange, everybody loses.  Irrational and suicide-preaching regimes are different, just as Jim Jones was different from your Junior League Club.

Today, Obama actually wants to give the most destructive weapons in the world to Iran’s genocidal regime.

He has simply switched sides.

His actions are consistent with his support for al-Qaeda in Benghazi, with his half-brother Malik Obama’s status as a high Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) official, and with his enabling of hostile infiltration of U.S. government agencies by jihadist ideologues. Read More..

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