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WHAT AM I MISSING HERE? is an economic and political commentary that is dedicated to providing an insightful perspective on today’s and tomorrow’s news.   Additionally, this site will shine a light on the various propaganda and misinformation that is currently being disseminated as “news”, as well as highlighting other issues that need to be brought to your attention, and that are not usually reported upon by the mainstream media.

My mission is to investigate and unmask the half-truths,  non-truths, and distortions of information being provided by our mainstream media and our government, as they are currently attempting to misinform and mislead us.  My task will be to call attention to the various contradictions and many inconsistencies currently being reported by the media, as they attempt to persuade us to a certain incorrect conclusion of feeling good and rather complacent about what is really happening.

I have been driven to write this blogsite out of a sense of mission and a sense of public service.  Since there is such a lack of real understanding and awareness on the part of the American public regarding economic news and political issues, I feel compelled to help provide a better understanding of these matters, particularly in these troubled economic times.

The reality is that our entire economic system is rapidly starting to fail, and fail badly.  We are heading towards a period of either devastating deflation or rampant inflation, either of which could potentially result in an economic collapse.

Really hard times are at hand for some, and on the horizon for almost everyone else, and, yet, the vast majority of Americans simply are not prepared for this eventuality.

I believe that, unfortunately, most people just don’t have the time, the patience, the inclination, or even the resources to investigate the news stories or the headlines on their own.  Hopefully, this site will provide a more meaningful comprehension and straightforward explanation of these stories and headlines, and their eventual impact upon us.

To enhance this comprehension, this site will, as a rule, also feature insightful quotations and articles from other talented contributors.

I would like to hear from you, and look forward to seeing your comments!

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