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As discussed in “Our Mission”,  I feel that I have been driven to write this blogsite out of a sense of mission, and a sense of public service, due to the lack of real understanding and perception on the part of the American public regarding economic news and political issues.  I am so deeply passionate about this issue that I feel compelled to help provide a better understanding of these important matters, particularly in these troubled economic times.

The reality is that our entire economic system is rapidly starting to fail, and fail badly.  We are heading towards a period of either devastating deflation or rampant inflation, either of which could potentially result in an economic collapse.

Really hard times are at hand for some and on the horizon for almost everyone else.  Yet, the vast majority of Americans simply do not understand and are not prepared for this eventuality.

Part of the reason for this lack of understanding is that most Americans just don’t have the time, the patience, the inclination, or even the resources to investigate the news stories or the headlines. This site will provide a more meaningful comprehension and straightforward explanation of these stories and headlines.

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that our country has been heavily influenced by the statements and pronouncements by various well-placed elitist groups such as:  the White House, various government officials, members of both political parties in Congress, left-wing and right-wing activists, the Federal Reserve, the leading banks, the various investment houses, such as Goldman Sachs and its alumni, the mainstream and financial media, and even some of the so-called “leading” economists, among others.

Upon closer examination, it seems that members of these groups almost always have a significant vested interest in not providing a real and complete picture of their economic pronouncements, as well as their economic and political initiatives.  They DO NOT have your best interests in mind.  They literally do NOT care about your well being.  They are only concerned about THEIR agenda.

A significant additional part of this problem is that the “news” being provided by the mainstream media is created by a number of journalists, who are sometimes well intentioned, but simply do not have the necessary economic or political background to decipher the propaganda they are being given. In many cases, the media has degenerated into a significant mouthpiece for our government’s propaganda programs.  As a result, the mainstream media can no longer be trusted to provide you with truthful and reliable information.

Look around! Look at today’s and yesterday’s news!

Deception is everywhere!

Misinformation is everywhere!

Propaganda  is everywhere!

For example, very little that our government says or reports these days is factual or seems to be real.  For example, the Consumer Price Index figures are constantly manipulated to show a trend towards lower prices, which we all know is not accurate.  The GDP figures are also constantly massaged to always show a certain small amount of growth, even when there is none.  The employment and unemployment figures are always adjusted, and large numbers of unemployed are simply not counted, because “they left the work force”.  Well, where did they go?  If these large numbers of unemployed were hired, then they would show up in the latest positive employment numbers.   But, for purposes of government statistics, they apparently just disappeared, which, of course, has the effect of lowering the reported unemployment rate.

Large amounts of the data dispensed from the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and the Federal Reserve, among others, quite often appear to be false and misleading. Sometimes, the data appears to be manufactured out of thin air.

Illustrating this, just recently, the White House has created a new reported category of not just jobs “created” but also jobs “saved”, a category that is impossible to count and verify. My contention is that if we have a category for jobs “created by their programs”, we should also offset this with jobs “lost or diverted as a result of their programs” category.

All of this just confirms what you already know or sense, and that is that we are constantly being exposed to and even bombarded with large amounts of deception, misinformation and propaganda.

My own sense is that the public is actually overwhelmed by the information overload caused by this proliferation of questionable news and news stories, while, at the same time, starved for a real understanding of the news.  They are seeking to answer the questions:  “What does this information really mean?”,  “What does it mean to me? ”, “Can I trust this information?”, and “Am I getting the full or real story?

In a recent study of young adult consumers commissioned by the Associated Press, among the key findings:

“was the fact that the subjects were experiencing news fatigue, meaning they were overloaded  with facts and updates and had trouble connecting to more in-depth stories. Participants yearned for quality and in-depth reporting, but had difficulty immediately accessing such content.” (my emphasis)

This is precisely what WHAT AM I MISSING HERE? [1] will provide to you:  an economic and political commentary that is dedicated to providing an insightful perspective on today’s and tomorrow’s news.  At the same time, this site will shine a light on the various propaganda and misinformation that is currently being disseminated as “news”, as well as highlighting other issues that need to be brought to your attention, and that are not usually reported upon by the mainstream media.

We will try to feature and highlight certain news items that just don’t seem to “make sense”, as well as those that have not received the appropriate amount of attention in the media.

We hope to become a reliable “go-to” resource for you in this era of propaganda and misinformation.

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